Who We Are
In 1991, after twenty five years as a practicing architect, Philip Handler AIA, started Fly on the Wall Productions. His objective was to fill the need to capture the high quality visual and aural information during the process of construction, and create a method of finding it. This is the critical element, since it is one thing to have the information, and quite another, to find it. Those who need it, including owners, the construction entities, and facilities managers have found the enormous value of indexed video. Whether for archival purposes, legal and financial purposes, building product application, promotional purposes, or communication with those who provide the funding to construct the project, all have benefited greatly by working with Fly on the Wall.

From historic preservation to high rise hotel; from university restoration to medical research tower; the hundreds of projects captured to date are as varied as the construction industry. We can help you to meet your need to capture, preserve, and find what happened during construction. The cost is reasonable, and the opportunity exists just once.

Fly on the Wall Productions can provide services itself, or serve as a consultant to you in order to structure video documentation requirements as part of your specifications for a project, or guide you in how to perform these services for yourself.

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