Fly on the Wall Productions(R) offers video documentation services in three areas: preconstruction, construction, and building systems training, as well as special needs and nonlinear editing capabilities.

Video documentation in each area utilizes the same techniques to capture and organize video, in order to make it a resource for information at any time in the future.

We also offer high quality construction photography. Site photos can be beautiful as well as informational. The results are placed in a searchable program where photo descriptions and keywords make image finding simple, even over long construction periods.

Indexed video method:
  • Highest quality master tape. Recorded on DV.
  • Camera is on tripod.
  • Off camera microphone for narration.
  • Weather conditions from local newspaper recorded
  • Temperature reading on site videotaped.
  • Narration describes scene on video.
  • Each scene has running time for easy location.
  • Transcript of each scene on video.
  • Running time in text and on video.
  • Images captured from video and placed in text.

Video offers many benefits, far beyond those of photography, since it not only captures visual images, but also the voice of a narrator who is there at the time of the image capture, providing insight as to what is being viewed, what has happened since the previous site visit, and what is planned to happen. This is an as-built schedule, a very difficult and costly item to create using other methods.

Indexed video provides these benefits.

  • Existing condition of site, including damage before construction started.
  • Protection efforts by contractor.
  • Condition of building prior to start of demolition, to see what conditions were inherited.
  • Money is saved by reducing unnecessary change orders.
  • Time is saved by being able to determine what conditions actually were. Fewer conflicts.

Construction Monitoring:
  • Site visit includes interview of supervisory personnel, to find out what has been happening since previous visit, and what will be happening.
  • Explanation of scope of work.
  • Discussion of any schedule alterations.
  • Discussion of what will be happening on job between now and next visit.
  • Identification of Sub-contractors and personnel on job.
  • Location of infrastructure in walls, above ceiling and under the slab or ground, prior to being hidden.
  • Assurance of quality control procedures.
  • Explanation of construction process, and building systems installed.
  • Off camera microphone is extremely important due to noise of construction.

Building Systems Training:
  • Training is in your building on your equipment, not some generic location.
  • People doing the training are familiar with your particular needs.
  • Having a training tool helps supervisory personnel become familiar with what is in the building.
  • Changes in personnel are accommodated more easily.
  • Once familiar with the equipment, personnel will be more likely to read the manuals.
  • Service calls will be reduced when not appropriate.
  • Equipment will be operated more economically.
  • Equipment will be operated more safely.
  • Instruction is directly from the contractor or manufacturers representative.
  • Off camera microphone is extremely important, due to ambient noise in mechanical rooms.

Special Projects:
  • Extremely high quality video.
  • Excellent audio.
  • Knowledge of field helps to capture important issues.
  • Events provide educational value in areas not previously covered.
  • Fields of architectural education, historic preservation, facilities management serviced.

Editing and Promotional Video:
  • Nonlinear editing capability.
  • Outstanding presentation quality.
  • Digital videotape is transferred to digital editor with no loss.
  • Costs are extremely reasonable compared to other nonlinear editors.
  • Quality of edited digital product may be transferred to any medium without loss.
  • Transfer to DVD without loss is assured.